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The Aim Our Company :

is the individual approach based on the evaluation of the user´s requirements for the designing of an optimal and effective solution of the fire safety for the protection of human lives and property preserving the quality requirements of the valid legislation.



The main product of our Company is the stable water fire-extinguishing equipment. Stable fire-extinguishing equipment is self-activated consisting of a distribution pipeline permanently connected to structures, control valve station and sprinkler heads firmly connected to the distribution pipeline. The distribution pipeline with the sprinkler heads is connected to the water source.

In the case of fire water starts flowing from the sprinkler heads in the form of a shower in the direction of the fire area. The water starts extinguishing the fire area, cooling the buildings and other structures as well as the surrounding space. During high temperatures the water quickly evaporates, pressing out the oxygen creating an inert atmosphere that prevents the penetration of the air oxygen necessary for the fire.

  • Wet systems are the most used extinguishing systems operating with the whole distribution pipeline filled with water under a constant pressure. In the case of fire the water as the extinguishing medium is always available in full amount. Wet sprinkler systems are used in rooms protected against freezing in the interior of buildings and other structures.
  • Dry systems differ from wet systems with distribution pipeline not filled with water but with pressure air. This system can be used in structures endangered by frost like e.g. parking lots and unheated storage rooms.
  • Preaction system equipment can be used in areas with higher fire safety measures to prevent the unintentional leaking of fire water. For this reason it is necessary to activate two independent mutually interconnected starting mechanisms.

Stable fire-extinguishing equipment

  • Stable sprinkling fire-extinguishing equipment
  • Stable deluge fire-extinguishing equipment
  • Stable foam fire-extinguishing equipment
  • Stable gas fire-extinguishing equipment

Fire signalization

  • Electrical fire signalization switching centers
  • Stable fire-extinguishing equipment switching centers
  • Control systems
  • Special fire detectors and alarm boxes
  • Accessories

Passive protection

  • Fire-resistant coating
  • Fire-resistant cable bandages
  • Fire-resistant lining
  • Fire-resistant sealing


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